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Three BIG OUTRAGEOUS LIES a contractor can say!

1.Quality Services at a LOW price!

There is an old saying that holds much truth: "you get what you pay for" Isn't it interesting that we all want quality, but very few are ready to pay the price for it. There is a great deception out there that a lower price will give you the best quality service. Well, for some this might be possible with shortcuts! Wonder what those shortcuts might be? How about using lower-end technology or outdated tools or equipment, poor sanding, scratches, poor flooring finishes. A good number of customers fall victim for this kind of cheap and poor quality service. With this kind of poor service, most home/business owners end up doing the floors multiple times and so losing a good amount of money. A lot of times customers that go with lower end investment for their hardwood flooring find their place bathed in dust from the sanding machine, and refinished floors.

Before going with the cheapest option be sure that you are not comparing 1% Milk with Whole Milk! You don't want a contractor to learn the job on your floors! If that contractor offers you a lower price than others ask him what is included in that price? What kind of equipment does he use? How many coats of finish does he apply? How long does it take to finish the project? and etc.

A superior quality service necessitates a well-experienced flooring contractor and then quality equipment. You can't have perfect floors with an inexperienced contractor. The contractor may have the right tools, but may lack the experience and so your money is being spent the wrong way, well it is wasted. Similarly, when quality equipment is not in place then don't expect optimum results with your wood


2.Dust FREE Guaranteed!

Nowadays a vast majority of wood flooring contractors use the phrase: Dust Free Guaranteed! However, do they really guarantee their work to be DUST FREE? To GUARANTEE dust FREE work, there is a need for a unique and "expensive" powerful vacuum system that catches the dust before it spreads out. It is a hygienic method that may greatly benefit your health, especially if one has breathing problems. Ask your flooring contractor on the type of vacuum system he uses and how it compares with others, including Danik Hardwood Flooring!

3. Fast refinishing job Guaranteed!

Some contractors can promise you the refinishing job in just two days, from start to finish! Is that good timing? Well, think about it!

Make sure that your contractor applies the right number of coats and sufficient drying time is needed too. Don't they all follow the same rule for staining and finishing? Not really. Some contractors risk in taking quality service shortcuts by applying stain and finish in the same day, or water-based finish over oil base finish. The results may be satisfying from the very beginning, but after a while, your floors will be peeling off, and that is not fun to watch!

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