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Is a prefinished OR unfinished wood floor ideal for me?

There is a lot of confusion among homeowners in regards flooring choice of prefinished and unfinished hardwood flooring. Both types of flooring are good options and can be beneficial considering any situation. To make your decision easier, we will give you some benefits for both of them.

Prefinished Hardwood Flooring is a factory finished flooring that has been sanded, stained and coated in the factory.

1. Prefinished hardwood floors are more resistant because all the process is happening in the factory and they can use powerful chemicals sealers-7 to 10 coats of Aluminum oxide finish, that can do the floor to resist from 5-25 years.

2. During the prefinished installation, you can walk on it right away and move back your furniture after the installation is done without dealing with the whole process of sanding.

3. No strong smell and drying required

4. Prefinished Hardwood Flooring will cost you less than unfinished floor because it is a faster process, and you will pay only for wood material and installation. (But also you must take into consideration what type of hardwood you prefer).

Unfinished flooring is a raw hardwood that must be installed, sanded, and coated.

1. The unfinished hardwood floors give you the opportunity to choose any spices you want, from cheap to expensive, from domestic to exotic.

2. Lots of natural beauty and variance in color

3. You can easily install another room or any space matching the existing hardwood floor.

4. While the durability of the prefinished floor can be double and very difficult to sand it the unfinished will be easy to sand it and will not going to need deep sanding

5. When unfinished hardwood floors are sanded there will no be edges or ends between the boards, and you will get a perfectly flat, smooth floor.

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