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How Do I Keep My Hardwood Floors Looking NEW?

Hardwood floors are the top select preference by most people. It is a wise flooring selection to go with since it is natural, easy to clean, high quality, healthy indoor air quality, and great long-term investment. But how does one keeps the hardwood floors like new and get the most life out of them?

From OUR daily traffic, hardwood floors collect a lot of dust, sand, mud, and other particles. So before taking care of your hardwood floor get informed on what the best care for your wood floor is. Remember, learning how to maintain your wood floors is beneficial for your health,protection, longevity, and beauty of your hardwood floors.

Before you start mopping make sure that you vacuum your woof floors first. Use a soft vacuum flooring nuzzle, so you don't scratch the floors — this way you catch all dust before mopping. When you are selecting the mop makes sure it is specifically designated for wood floors. A microfiber mop is perfect for trapping all the micro particles and works great on hardwood floors.

Lastly, use a proper cleaner. Don't buy any product off the shelf that looks eye catchy, instead read the application and ingredients on the back of the product. "Bona Cleaner" is one of the best products for a variety of wood flooring. It is known to contain a hypoallergenic formula, certified for asthma and allergy friendly by the AAFA and it guarantees a healthy home and your family.

So here are some additional Tips for keeping your floors clean:

1. Use rugs at the entrance, inside and outside

2. Take your shoes off - if is possible

3. Don't use vinegar, soap, wax or steam

3. Clean the floors weekly (as described above)

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