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At Danik Hardwood Flooring, we offer a wide range of colors and flooring styles for you to choose from.  You can go from light to dark or dark to light or anywhere in between.   Need tips on choosing the right color for your wood floors?


Go to our BLOG  and read our "FIVE GOLDEN Tips on HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT COLOR for you WOOD FLOORS!"  We are sure that you will find something useful there that will help you start the right way with your hardwood flooring project!

Imagine THIS:   You are at a crossroad in deciding to either remove the carpet and have a professional wood flooring service refinish your floors OR Install a new carpet over your existing hardwood floors! 


Let's assume you chose the WISE path - that is the removing the carpet and refinishing the floors. Do you know what the most exciting part of Refinishing your floors is?  Yes, it is the finished product, the overall outcome.  The very last step in bringing that hardwood floor to life is staining, which is the most exciting part for our customers.  Wonder WHY? This is the phase where your imaginary floor color becomes a reality.  That's why you should take the time you need to think about your color of choice and ultimately choose what is right for you!

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