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Do your hardwood floors look old, full of scratches or lost its color integrity? Then it is time to refinish and return them to their original beauty without weakening the structural integrity of the floor. At Danik Hardwood Flooring we refinish your hardwood floors, whether it is your business or home and stain them into your desired color.  If you are not sure on what color you should pick for your refinished hardwood floors than click here for more information.

For the perfect refinishing process you need to have highly skilled wood floor specialist who doesn't take shortcuts or overlook imperfect areas of your floors. The "refinishing processes" means sanding down to bare wood, clean years of grime and stain.  The hardwood floor will last decades and can be refinished many, many times during its lifetime.  However, engineering wood floors can be refinished ones or twice,  depends on its composite.

All our equipment is select from the high-quality tools to provide for our customers the superior quality services, whether it is commercial or residential.  We have dust free sanding machines attached to a unique, powerful vacuum that will catch all the dust before being all over your house.

Danik Hardwood Flooring's philosophy is to return your flooring's natural look to the original and make your house or office feel welcoming and warm again.  Let us come from our door to your floor to complete your desired wood floor style.

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