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If you are looking for a new color for your floors, but you don't know which one fits your home's style, we are here to give you some good advice!

Nowadays there is a vast selection of flooring colors that can fit perfectly into your home. Color is a powerful signal; it can project emotion, mood, and memories. Therefore, choosing the correct color for your wood floors brings comfort, beauty, and a sensation of welcoming. Think about it, you will face nearly every day for a very long time the color you choose for your floors.

Tip #1 So the first thing to keep in mind is the actual space where that particular color will be set. It is suggested for wood floors color to match your furnishings, walls, cabinetry, etc.... You will make the best color choice if you follow the characteristics of the room: how much natural light lightens the room and the actual size of the room.

Tip #2 Lighter colors make the room more spacious and give more light to the darker areas of the room. Light wood floors give you many design solutions because this color goes with almost everything. Light wood floors also create a light and calm atmosphere in the house and a clean environment to live in.

Tip #3 Dark wood floors are the right choice for you if you have light modern furniture and your rooms are large in size. We do not recommend dark wood flooring colors if you have small rooms, dark walls, and dark furniture. This will change your house into a sad, dark, and dry atmosphere. The color of the floors should not be identical to the walls or furniture. Since dark color in the wood flooring is comes out so authoritative, it can be overwhelming and therefore, it's best used in spaces that have a lot of natural light coming through.

Tip #4 If you go with brown colors, your floors will look very natural and rustic while darker colors will provide elegance and luxury. Choosing the right color for your floors is a big decision.

Tip #5 Use different colors samples at different times of the day (e.g., morning, noon, evening) to get an idea of how your space or home will look like in different shades of natural light.

If you are still undecided on what color to chose for your wood floors, ask us at we can surely help!

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